Authentication labels

Authentication labels or security labels can be used to prevent product tampering and provide proof of authenticity. These labels usually have special security features that make them difficult to copy or show evidence when they are removed from their original location.

Stickers with an open void or void seal, for example, leave a portion of the sticker on the surface where it was originally placed. The remaining adhesive of the sticker is extremely difficult to remove and indicates that the sticker has been removed from the surface or product.


This application can be widely used, including the use of classified documents that contain sensitive information and should only be read by a select group of people. When this document is opened by someone who is not authorised, it leaves a mark on the document, proving that it was seen by unauthorised eyes. Other examples include airplane security, vehicle access, pharmaceuticals, laboratory testing, computer hardware, and packaging for high-value and exclusive products.

Other security features that can be used in security labels are QR codes, bar codes, and variable numbering which are determined by the product’s original manufacturer. Holograms are another security label feature that is difficult to tamper with. Current technology also allows the incorporation of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) elements into labels, allowing for near-field communication to determine whether or not a product has been tampered with. RFID can also be used in building and parking lot entrance tags that are locked to the public and only allow authorised people or personnel to enter.

Authentication labels are printed on hybrid web offset printing presses. At DG press we manufacture versatile and hybrid web offset printing platforms which are custom-made based on the production requirements of our clients. When our printing presses are configured for authentication labels, they can be produced in a single pass and at very high speeds.

To find the best machine configuration for your security products, please contact our sales department. Our team of experts is always happy to find the best hybrid printing solution for all your requirements. We will provide you with a tailor-made proposal for a custom-made printing press to fulfil all your needs.

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