Control upgrades

Extend the life of your press by replacing obsolete controls with new state-of-the-art controls

The mechanical life of a press exceeds the lifetime of electronic parts. DG press offers different control upgrade packages to replace obsolete parts and extend the lifetime of your press.

The control upgrade packages fit the specific needs of customers that want to minimise the risk of downtime due to faulty obsolete control parts. The choice of what package is best suited depends on the required improvement level and available investment levels for a print converter to fulfil its goals.


Why should you invest in a control upgrade?

  1. HMI systems running on outdated operating systems cause serious replacement issues with alternative electronics. Finding a replacement in case of a breakdown can be a timely issue causing excessive downtime.
  2. Obsolete and outdated parts such as servo motors, drives, PLCs, and frequency controllers imply long lead times for spare parts and might prove possible to be unserviceable. Replacement of obsolete parts with new parts and replacement of obsolete servo drives and motors requires time-consuming software engineering.
  3. Old control panels will suffer from issues with responsiveness or lacking functionality and therefore less control over the machine overall.



DG press offers the following packages for DG-VISION and VSOPs with DIAX-04 servo-drive technology:

  • New: all controls, servo motors, and drives are upgraded to the latest version. This also includes an upgrade of the communication network and safety system. This complete package upgrades the controls to the level of a new press.
  • Update: all control parts such as HMI’s, PLC, and I/O are replaced with new parts, whereas servo motors and drives remain. The benefit of this package is that a majority of the press is updated which improves reliability and serviceability.
  • Ensure: this package replaces several critical control parts. A new main PLC and MLC will be installed in the main cabinet. This ensures that the press is prepared for a quick replacement of other obsolete parts. These other obsolete parts can be replaced one-on-one by a retrofit kit without time-consuming software or hardware changes.
  • Support: this package contains a replacement of the main computer to Windows 10 and a replacement of the VPN router. With this package, remote support for the press remains possible and future upgrades can be done.

Control upgrade DG-Vision and VSOP







PC console updateYesYesYesYesUpdate to Windows-10
HMI screens in towers and modulesYesOO Update with Lauer touchscreens
PLC and I/O control
PLC in main cabinet  Yes Exchange of KT PLC to AC500 and MLC
PLC in one printing unit or module  O Exchange of KT PLC to AC500 and MLC
PLC in main cabinet, all printing units and modulesYesYes  Exchange of KT PLC to AC500 and MLC
Servo drives and motors
New motion control interfaceYesYesYes Replace DIAX-04 PPC/CCD for MLC
New motion system on all modulesYesO  Replace DIAX-04 to Indradrive M
Frequency drives and motors
New frequency drives and motorsYes   New Lenze drives
New sidelay motorsYes   Replace Asko to Animatics
Communication network and safety
Update to new VPNYesYesYesYesNew VPN
Update to EthernetYesPartiallyPartially Arcnet is replaced by Ethernet
New safety relays in main cabinetYesYes  New DOLT safety relays
New safety systemYes   New safety PLC’s and relays
Latest version softwareYes    
Warranty period in months on replaced parts12121212


* Table is applicable for presses equiped with DIAX-04 servo technology

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