Corrugated board

Corrugated board with pre-print liner

Besides cardboard for rigid packaging, there is also corrugated board typically used for larger-size boxes.

Most corrugated packaging are boxes just showing the brown color of the kraft liner paper and without any fancy or quality graphics. However in the segment of consumer electronics, for example, computers, printers, vacuum cleaners, and electrical kitchen appliances, there is a strong demand for quality graphics. Corrugated is seldom used for direct food packaging such as for cereals or dry pasta.

It is difficult to print quality graphics onto a corrugated board. The solution is to apply pre-printed liner paper. These are, mostly white on the outside, quality papers that can be perfectly printed with high-quality graphics. The printed paper, so-called pre-print liner, is then in-line applied onto the half-finished corrugated material. In other applications, the printed is applied as sheets onto the corrugated board.

The web offset presses from DG press are ideally suited for printing pre-print liners including the application of esthetic and functional varnishes. 


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