Hybrid web offset printing press for label and packaging

DG-AUXO is a hybrid web offset printing platform designed for the production of film, foil, paper, and board-based packaging, and label print applications. DG-AUXO is a proven third-generation press, based on successful features from previous models such as the VSOP combined with further improvements in the design. Flexibility, versatility, and sustainability are key factors of the DG-AUXO press. The press is available in several web widths which suit various market demands. DG-AUXO excels at short to medium-print jobs at the highest print quality while being the most sustainable choice in the industry.

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Unique qualities of DG-AUXO

  • Print quality. Shelf appeal is the most important aspect to stand out from the crowd and outshine the competition. DG-AUXO offers the highest levels of print quality making use of high-line screens and screening techniques to produce stunning photo-realistic images.
  • Sustainability. Hybrid web offset printing enables the use of energy-curable inks. The DG-AUXO has the lowest energy consumption in the industry and a very low carbon footprint.
  • Food safety. Ink migration is a big concern for brand owners and converters. Hybrid web offset offers proven and certified solutions for the food industry.
  • Fast time-to-market. Offset plates can be produced in-house, enabling a new job to be print-ready within minutes. Brand owners are able to react quickly with specialized packaging to support marketing campaigns, sporting-, and social events.
  • Lowest cost for short and mid-size runs. The market demands an enormous variety of packaging to achieve the best shelf appeal. This results in shorter run sizes. DG-AUXO is the answer to making a profit on shorter runs by minimizing set-up costs per print job.

What is behind DG-AUXO

  1. Sleeve offset technology makes use of separate control over the plate- and blanket cylinders within the printing units. This allows operators to change the repeat length or the image by only changing sleeves which can be done within just a few minutes. Any repeat length between 16” and 30” (406-762mm) is possible.
  2. Hybrid web offset technology offers the best print quality and is highly suitable for Extended Gamut Printing avoiding the need for PMS colours.
  3. Web offset printing plates are used as image carriers. They are mounted on the plate sleeve and can be easily removed after a job has been printed. This technology decreases the time needed for a job change-over significantly and minimizes the downtime on the press. This results in the high-efficient printing of different repeats with ease of operation.
  4. Offset plates are disposable and fully recyclable, preventing any damage to the environment. Unlike engraved cylinders and photopolymer plates, offset plates do not have to be stored in large warehouses. This saves space and allows converters to cut costs of inventory for the storage of plate carriers.
  5. The inline concept of the DG-AUXO is designed to be user-friendly, making the task of operator easier, allowing them more time to focus on quality. All printing units and other modules are easily accessible for operators and maintenance.
  6. Sustainability is high on the agenda of all print converters. The DG-AUXO is extremely suitable for printing on biomaterials and environmentally friendly inks can used during the printing process. Hybrid web offset printing with Electron Beam (EB) offers solvent-free operation, no hot-air dryers, no incinerators or solvent recovery systems are needed. No greenhouse gas emissions!
  7. The DG-AUXO can easily fit into any production location. Other print technologies require special precautions for the storage of solvent-based inks, storage of printing cylinders and pollution control systems to obey to regulations. The DG-AUXO has no complex building construction requirements.


Paper & flexible packaging options

  • Non-stop splicers
  • Corona treatment
  • Contact and non-contact cleaners
  • Dedicated Flexo units (water-based, solvent-based, UV-based)
  • Flexo inserts
  • Rotogravure units
  • Curing/drying systems (UV, hot-air, EB, LED UV)
  • 100% inspection control systems
  • Closed loop colour control systems
  • Automatic blanket washing
  • Laminating modules
  • Insetting / 2nd web pass


  • Packaging print. The DG-AUXO is designed for printing flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, labels and IML. Highly accurate web tension control and temperature control enable printing on a wide range of foil and paper substrates. The DG-AUXO is also available for printing on thicker paper substrates and light board materials.

  • Security printing requires the highest hybrid web offset printing quality in combination with other print technologies to include security elements in the print. DG-Vision and DG-AUXO are hybrid printing presses that are modularly built and can be customised with special features to meet all requirements.

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