Governmental documents

Documents produced by local, state, federal, and international government bodies, as well as government-funded agencies and organisations, are all considered government documents. These can be simple forms for citizens to fill out to file tax returns and immigration forms, but they can also be parliamentary publications, legislation, policy documents, statistics, reports, and many other things.


There are many different types of governmental documents, each with a different amount and level of security elements applied to them. Some documents have no security features, whereas others can have holograms, are printed on special (watermark) paper, have special security inks, or have micro-perforation and/or embossing. It all depends on how secure a document must be. Most documents are simple and can be printed on a four-color CMYK press; however, some documents require additional off-line and/or in-line finishing. Simple elements such as pin-feed holes, cross- and length perforation, and edge-trimming can be done in our business forms processing section. More detailed security elements need to be applied by specialised integrated modules in the press line.

DG press has in-dept experience with hybrid security printing and is supplier for a wide range of governmental printers. The DG-Vision press offers a versatile printing platform that can be configured in such a way that it will allow you to print simple products which contain no security elements, as well as highly secure documents. An example of this would be to expand the machine configuration with modules such as a hot-foil application for holograms, or an inkjet digital printing module for variable data and barcodes. Further interesting options are inline integration of screen printing and flexo printing, mechanical number, pin feed and file hole units. The presses can produce reels, sheets or folded products depending on the output modules. Cooperatively with our customers, we explore the product portfolio and security elements that should be included in their products. Based on that information we can propose a tailor-made machine configuration that covers all the production needs in a single web offset press.

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