DG press’ central service department can be reached via email, phone and WhatsApp from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (CET)

Our helpdesk is manned with service specialists with a broad experience in mechanical, electrical, software, and printing support on DG-Vision, DG-AUXO, Thallo, VSOP®, and Gazelle presses. Many customers have used our helpdesk and appreciated the quick and effective support.


Service is DG press’ top priority, and it is a critical factor in ensuring that production runs smoothly. Our helpdesk is available via email, phone, and WhatsApp to assist you remotely during machine downtime or to answer questions. Remote service helps to minimise service costs. The helpdesk has internet access to the machines’ software and electrical systems, allowing for quick problem resolution and remote support. The QR code for WhatsApp assistance is:


WhatsApp Helpdesk
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How to reach us:

Whenever you need help, please contact the DG press central service department: 


The Helpdesk is free-of-charge during the warranty period of a machine and afterwards a billable service that can be used on an hourly basis. We also offer unlimited helpdesk support as part of a Service contract or as a separate Helpdesk contract

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