Passport production is a complex and highly secure process. Passports contain personal information and serve as a means of identification. Governments publish and issue passports, in highly secure state-printing facilities. Because some countries or regions lack the necessary printing facilities, the process is sometimes outsourced to certified foreign security printers. Passports are impossible to create in a single pass process, but they undergo several steps to optimise the security elements in these products. Passports consist of several products; the booklet cover, the biometric page containing personal information, and specialised security paper printed with fine lines by utilising offset print. These 3 elements need to be bonded together to subsequently create the passport as we know it, a booklet containing a biometric page plus a large number of pages for country immigration stamps when entering a country.


A passport contains a high amount of security elements, which vary per country issuing them. Some are more secure than others, but all of them are almost impossible to counterfeit. Security features such as; Micro-perforation, anti-copying elements, security inks, security paper, watermarks, embossing, a special bond to keep all pages together, holograms, cross-page design, edge design, and many other security features are included in passports. Therefore, passports are considered the most secure documents in the world and are printed using a variety of printing techniques, including hybrid web offset and intaglio. The biometric page has an integrated microprocessor chip that contains all personal data needed to verify the passport holder.

DG press printing presses are being utilised in the process of passport printing. As mentioned before, this cannot be done in a single pass through a machine but consists of multiple steps. Our hybrid web offset presses are being used in one of the steps in this highly complex printing process.

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