The DG-Vision and the DG-AUXO are highly suitable for producing medical inserts/leaflets or prescriptions. Normally, these products are printed in key (black) colour on both sides of the paper, which means only 2 offset printing units are required to print the text of the leaflets.

However, adding additional printing units allows for more colourful pharma leaflets of higher value. The thickness of pharma paper normally varies between 35 – 60 gsm, which is quite thin but can be handled perfectly on our machinery.

When compared to sheetfed, printing on hybrid web offset excels. Web-to-sheet production speed is 2.5 to 4 times higher than sheetfed.


Equipping a DG-Vision press with a sheeter and automatic non-stop stacking module as an output option will create a compact and high-volume reel-to-sheet machine. Starting at an unwinder, reels of paper are printed on by using the offset printing units, the web is turned over between the units by using a turner bar which allows recto/verso print (2 sides). The ink is cured by a (LED) UV system, and afterward, the reel is neatly cut into sheets and will be automatically stacked at the end of the press. The pharma leaflets are then ready to be folded and integrated into medicine boxes. A mechanical or digital numbering module can be added to the machine to personalize or add serial numbering to the leaflets. In some cases, a silicone application unit is integrated to apply a small layer of substance for better handling of sheeted leaflets. Your desired machine configuration can be manufactured to meet all your production requirements. All of our presses are custom-made and designed in cooperation with you.


DG-Vision comes in a 520 mm web width, but can also be made in a 670 mm version. DG-AUXO also starts at 520mm and goes up to 900 mm and 1085 mm web width, which makes it suitable for wide format sheets. The advantage of our machinery is modularity, any suitable printing modules can be added to the machine configuration during initial manufacturing, or at a later stage once the machine is already up and running in your production facility.

With a repeat range of 16” up to 28 1/3” on the DG-Vision and 16” up to 30” or 24” up to 40” on the DG-AUXO, we cover all possible repeat lengths that are being utilized in the pharmaceutical printing segment. Automatization of production by integrating high-end web video systems and/or quality inspection systems in combination with a high-speed sheeter and automatic stacker makes the DG-Vision and DG-AUXO the best solutions for continuous pharma leaflet production.

Are you ready to take the next step and increase your (pharma) web-offset production output? Contact our experts to receive a tailor-made machine configuration accompanied by a technical and financial proposal. Our goal is to find the best solution for your needs!