Service agreements

Optimise the performance of your press by preventive maintenance executed by the best specialists

Rather than having a service engineer work on your press when a problem arises, opt for a service agreement to prevent those problems from occurring.

Preventive maintenance is performed to keep equipment operational and to extend the equipment’s lifespan. Maintenance can make or break a good product. Proper maintenance increases expected uptime and increase the reliability of your production. Regular maintenance will prevent potential problems while keeping costs low and predictable. DG press employs a team of highly trained and experienced service engineers. Years of experience allowed them to become experts in the field of hybrid web offset printing presses.


Service contract

The service agreement consists of a fixed amount of service visits for preventive maintenance and repairs on the press modules as well as preventive maintenance on OEM modules. The goal is to give recommendations about maintenance. If any repair is required which cannot be directly done it will be reported to the customer. 

The maintenance is performed on three levels:

  1. Cleaning, an inspection of roller condition, exchange of inking rollers, and regular stripe adjustments in accordance with the service manual comprising first-line maintenance. This task is carried out by the customer’s staff.
  2. Second-line maintenance includes fault-finding, repairs in the event of functional issues, and routine systematic preventive maintenance inspections. Inspections will be performed in accordance with a detailed checklist developed based on our extensive experience.
  3. Third-line maintenance includes component overhaul and revision, extensive inspection, and replacement of critical parts to extend the life of the press. This maintenance is performed at least once a year.

Service agreements are billed every month making the maintenance expenses on your equipment predictable and easy to budget. 

Roller exchange contract

DG press executes de renewal of your compounded rollers regularly and combines this with a free inspection of your printing units. Based on a mutually agreed plan, DG press will bring a new compounded roller set. During our first visit, we will exchange the rollers and bearings of the first printing unit. We will take the old rollers with us to let them be compounded. This “new compounded set” will then be used during our second visit to exchange the rollers of the second unit. This will be repeated until all units are done. We will take care of the re-compounding with the compound quality of several high-quality suppliers of choice. During the visit, we will fully inspect the printing unit and you will obtain a full inspection report and maintenance advice. The exchange program will be tailor-made to your wishes.

Helpdesk contract

DG press offers attractive Helpdesk contracts as a separate contract or as part of a Service contract for unlimited annual support. A Helpdesk contract ensures that your technical staff has unlimited access to our specialists for support during breakdowns or technical faults.

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