Spare parts

We offer the best parts for your DG-Vision, DG-AUXO, Thallo, VSOP or Gazelle press

Our team of spare parts specialist know your machines and can advise you quickly and correctly on the appropriate replacement parts or retrofits. DG press carries a broad range of new parts, refurbished parts, and used parts to offer you the best alternative for your parts request. Even if you don’t have the part number on hand and only have a picture or description of the broken part, our team can help you identify the correct replacement part. Our team will also specify the correct parts if one of our field service engineers determines that replacement is necessary during a service intervention.


Why you should always use DG press as your spare parts supplier:

  1. We will ensure that you receive the correct parts for your machine. DG press will examine your machine’s drawings and select the parts that are unique to your press. Because we have extensive knowledge of your press, we can provide you with the best deals while also advising you on improvements, changes, and potential alternatives.
  2. We ensure high-quality parts to ensure a longer lifespan for your parts as well as your press. We understand the product requirements and only deliver high-quality parts because of our many years of hybrid web offset experience.
  3. We understand that downtime is the last thing you want when your press is printing a job. DG press maintains a large inventory of over 7600 different articles to support customers. DG press has an active policy to keep critical components that can cause downtime on your press on stock. Our experience with the machines and with troubleshooting is used as input to define the correct safety stock of parts.

Retrofit kits

DG press keeps developing new features and solutions for your machines. The lifetime of your press can be extended by replacing obsolete parts with newly developed alternatives. Also, additional functionality can be added during the lifetime of the press.

For further information, please contact the DG press Spare Parts Department at or +31 (0)313-671911.

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