Tax stamps

Tax stamps ensure that the correct amount of revenue is collected and helps governments in certifying that products are genuine. These stamps allow governments to mark their taxable products, such as alcohol and tobacco, as well as authenticate, validate and trace the products. This is useful information not only for governments but also for the manufacturers of these products. Consumers are assured that they are consuming the official product and not an illicit version obtained on the black market.


Another function of tax stamps is to seal products. The stamps are usually placed over the opening of a tobacco package or an alcohol bottle. When the product is opened, the seal is broken, acting as an anti-tampering/anti-reuse seal. Tax stamps now include QR codes/serial codes, which make the products traceable, helping supply-chain traceability, authentication, and reporting.

Many security printers and state-owned printing houses have chosen proven technology from DG press. Our hybrid and versatile web offset printing presses are the best choice when it comes to high-volume tax stamp production.

Contact us and find out how our printing equipment helps you to improve your production output while increasing print quality. Our sales department is always happy to explore the options with you and find a suitable and tailor-made solution for your needs.

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