Training and production support

DG press helps you in understanding your machine

DG press offers both basic and advanced training for your employees. Training courses can be held “in-house” at DG press or on-site. We can train your machine operators and maintenance personnel in all aspects of printing, operation, and maintenance.

The operator assessment, which measures the basic printing skills of the printing staff, is one of the training solutions we offer. We can provide comprehensive advice for a specific training program to develop the skills of your staff after the assessment is completed.

DG press training enables your operators and technicians to be highly productive, more efficient in printing jobs, and capable of keeping the press in good condition. Participants of the training sessions will receive the appropriate training documents and a certificate from the DG press after completion of the training sessions.

Training programs

  1. Operator training for DG-Vision
  2. Operator training for VSOP
  3. Operator training for Thallo
  4. Operator training for DG-AUXO
  5. Electrical training for DG-Vision
  6. Electrical training for VSOP
  7. Electrical training for Thallo
  8. Electrical training for DG-AUXO
  9. Mechanical training for DG-Vision
  10. Mechanical training for VSOP
  11. Mechanical training for Thallo
  12. Mechanical training for DG-AUXO
  13. Training Product Improvement Program

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