Upgrades and retrofits

Keep your press fit for the future with improved performance

Market situations for print converters can change and therefore also the requirements for a printing press can change over time. Because our presses are modular, you can easily add or remove printing units and main modules like processing units, sheeters, or drying and curing units.

This makes our presses very versatile and future-proof. Besides configuration changes, we also offer various upgrade kits to improve performance and functionality. DG press continues to develop new functionality and improvements focussed on reducing the cost-to-print or extending the lifetime of the press. These developments are included in presses and made available as upgrades or retrofit kits for the installed base.


Would you like to extend the lifetime of your press?

DG press is constantly developing technological improvements to improve the quality and longevity of your press. Even years after purchasing your press, a wide range of upgrades and retrofits allow you to increase your print output and quality while also ensuring your press meets environmental and safety requirements. Experience and dedication ensure the best possible solution for your press.

Are you considering entering a new market? With your existing machine with the modularity of our presses and the hybrid printing knowledge of our people, a new market is just one question away. Please contact our experts to think with you about what is possible, often we have used modules available to make the change also cost-effective.

Would you like to reduce the cost-to-print?

Cost-to-print is one of the main topics for print converters to remain competitive in a changing environment. DG press can help reduce the cost-to-print by keeping your presses in a good condition and thereby reducing downtime and set-up times. New upgrades are aimed at further reducing waste, set-up times, and power consumption of presses.  A good example is the new plate exchange upgrade that minimises set-up times on the Vision presses. Potential savings are depending on the age and condition of your press. Contact us for further information.

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