Used Equipment

Used equipment proves to be a good alternative to new machinery. 

Besides manufacturing new presses, we also offer a wide range of pre-owned presses suitable for every budget. 

At DG press, we purchase and re-sell pre-owned Drent Goebel equipment (Gazelle, Vision and VSOP presses).

We can offer these machines in different conditions: As-is, Checked and repaired, Refurbished or Remanufactured.


Every machine condition we offer comes with a corresponding price tag for every budget. Please view the table at the bottom of the page to see what is included per offered machine condition. Besides overhauling presses, we can also completely change machine configurations to meet your production requirements. For example, we can integrate new modules such as additional offset– or flexo printing units, non-stop unwind/rewind splicers, new web video, and register control systems, and so much more.

New web offset presses come with the latest technology and efficiency. However, older machinery can be fixed up and equipped with upgrades to extend its lifecycle by at least 10 years. An additional benefit is that we will always continue to offer service and maintenance on all of our presses in the field. We are a machine manufacturer, but we are also your service partner, giving you peace of mind that we will always support you in keeping the press in production and in the best possible condition.

Should new equipment be out of your budget, we are happy to discuss pre-owned options.

Please contact us to get a tailor-made proposal for a remanufactured, refurbished, checked, and repaired or as-is machine which fits your production requirements.

Used conditionRemanufacturedRefurbishedChecked and repairedAs-is
Configuration change possibleYesYesYes
Full inspection and reporting against factory specs YesYesYesOptional
Replacement defective DG and OEM partsYesYesYes
Replacement of rubber roller and air tubesYesYesYes
Preventive maintenance DG and OEM partsYesYes
All DG parts remanufactured to factory specsYes
New control and drive systemYesOptional
New OEM parts YesOptional
Manually cleanedYesYesOptional
Industrially cleanedYes
Functional testYesYesOptional
Print test (FAT)YesOptional
Print test (SAT)Optional   
Warranty period in months12 months full6 months full
excl. OEM parts
6 months on repairs

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