About the VSOP® 5 colour

Basic specifications: 400 m/min, 12-200μm, 35-240gr/m2, printing size; 381-762mm

This machine comes with the possibility of adding a 6th VSOP® offset printing unit and hot-air dryer. 

Machine typeVSOP®
Year built2006
Web width520 mm 
Mechanical production speed reel to reel300m/min
Number of offset printing units5
Basic configurationUnwinder (refurbished)
 Infeed + web guide (refurbished)
 Web cleaner (new), Corona unit (new)
 Multipurpose frame + flexo + chill roller + UV holder (refurbished)
 Turner bar (refurbished)
 5x VSOP® offset printing unit
 Multipurpose frame + chill roller + UV holder (refurbished)
 Ink zone and register control system (new)
 Rewinder (refurbished)
Auxiliary equipmentIST IV system 6 lamps (refurbished)
 Dampening: Technotrans Alpha D (refurbished)
 Oscillator cooling Technotrans Alpha T (refurbished)
 Chill roller cooling Technotrans Alpha K (new)
 Sleeve service station (refurbished)
 Plate bender (refurbished)
LocationFactory DG press – Hall, The Netherlands
Price On request

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