Visas come in several different types: tourist, immigration, student, or work.
They are supplied to specific individuals who are granted access to a specific country, and therefore they contain highly sensitive information that should not be counterfeited. Visas are typically issued by governmental bodies such as embassies and printed by reputable security printers or governmental printing facilities.


A visa is typically issued as a plastic card or on a self-adhesive substrate and is attached to the passport. It can contain multiple security features such as UV fluorescent ink (invisible ink), RFID, invisible fluorescent fibres in the substrate, anti-copy elements, watermarks, positive/negative micro text, and intaglio print. Passports contain similar and more stringent security features. This makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit entrance/exit visas.

Self-adhesive substrates can be printed very well on our printing presses. Our hybrid press platforms allow us to integrate in-line die-cutting and waste rewinder modules. That enables the possibility to print the visas in a single pass through the machine, adding security features to it, and removing the waste around the stickers which results in a clean product (reel/sheets) without waste around it.

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