Wrap Around Labels

As the name says wrap around labels are 360° wrapped around the product, which is most typically PET beverage bottles. The head and tail of the label have a small overlap where they are glued together and fixed onto the bottle. Wrap around label typically covers only one-quarter to one-third of the total surface of a bottle.

Wrap around labels can be found surface printed on white label stock and protected with varnish, or reverse printed on a transparent film with a last-down white as a background. Materials for wrap around labels can be paper but are mainly cavitated white or transparent BOPP films.


As the application of wrap around labels is typically from a reel, the majority of these products are printed on web presses. After consumption of the drink, these labels are easy to separate from the bottle or container, which makes this application highly environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.

The combination of web offset and a down-stream flexo unit make the hybrid web offset presses from DG press ideally suitable for printing wrap around labels on a variety of materials at the highest printing quality.

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