DG press was founded in August 2009 by Remko Koolbergen, former Service Manager of Drent Goebel, and Peter Kloppers, former Operations Manager of Drent Goebel. DG press started with 12 former Drent Goebel employees who worked in service, spare parts, and engineering.

In the early years, DG press was primarily focused on services: taking care of existing machine maintenance, selling spare parts, and used machines. This focus has never wavered, and DG press now serves over 400 satisfied customers worldwide. Today DG press is a specialist in the engineering, installation, servicing, and maintenance of Drent Goebel printing presses (Vision and VSOP®). On top of that, DG press is developing and building new presses such as the modernised DG-Vision and DG-AUXO. DG press maintains its mission to be the best partner for the printing business by delivering top quality variable size hybrid web offset printing equipment and exceptional services. Thereby facilitating our customers to fulfil their production goals in the most sustainable way.


  • 2009 - 2011 • Drent Goebel becomes DG press

    Remko Koolbergen founded the company in August 2009, selling DG press first second-hand and as new presses, Gazelle and Vision, to countries such as South Africa. The Vision SP was introduced in 2011.


  • 2012 - 2015 • Relocation

    In 2013, DG press relocated to the former Drent Goebel office and production hall. This allowed the company to create next-generation flexible packaging press machines, such as the Thallo and the 10 colour Vision press.


  • 2016 - 2019 • Growth

    DG press continues to serve customers worldwide by selling, developing, and servicing more Vision and Thallo presses, while also working on the corporate identity to reflect current market demands, including the development of a sustainable printing solution.


  • 2020 - 2023 • Innovations

    In 2020 Remko becomes sole owner of DG press, maintaining the company's reputation for providing exceptional service and support to its global customer base. The third generation of sleeve offset printing, the DG-AUXO, is introduced in 2022, as is the relaunch of DG press's new identity and new company logo, which reflect the organisation's evolution.