Depending on the type of event, event admission fees can be quite high.
In some cases, such as concert tickets, Formula 1 tickets, and trade show tickets, the event organiser wishes to protect the authenticity of their entrance tickets to prevent illegal trade and counterfeiting. Keeping track of the number of visitors allowed to a specific event is also important to avoid having more visitors than the actual capacity of the area. When entering an event, a barcode or RFID is typically scanned to register a specific person entering the area and to mark off a ticket as being used.


All of these things are important when printing high-value tickets and can be accomplished by incorporating several security features into the product. RFID (Radio-frequency identification) can be used in a printing press by using silk screen printing units and conductive ink, also known as “printed electronics”. Holograms are another useful feature for demonstrating ticket authenticity; these can be applied by hot-foil/cold-foil applicators within the printing press. With an in-line Inkjet/digital printing module, variable data such as QR codes, barcodes, and numbering can all be applied. The offset printing technique can be used to achieve a very high print quality that is difficult to counterfeit.

Hybrid and versatile printing platforms such as the DG-Vision or DG-AUXO enable us to configure the press in such a way that it covers all your production requirements. In a single pass through the machine, you will be able to produce high-value tickets, but also other types of products. We look forward to finding the best machine configuration for all your needs.

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