DeLaRue orders first DG-AUXO 520 next-generation web offset press

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We are thrilled to announce that the very first DG-AUXO web offset printing press has been ordered by our long-time customer DeLaRue.

DeLaRue PLC group specialises in the supply of cash-handling equipment and security products. The company produces approximately 150 national currencies, electric transaction solutions, and identity systems. Their various security items include stamps, vouchers, passports, travellers checks, driver’s licenses, ATM mechanisms, security papers, threads, and tear tapes.

DeLaRue has invested in a sleeve web offset printing press to produce tax stamps and other security printing products in the past. After several years of successful production on that press, it was time to scale up production. Over the years, DG press has worked closely with DeLaRue to manufacture, install and maintain their current web offset press in the Malta production facility. Thanks to this fruitful and successful partnership, DeLaRue did not have to look further into the market and decided to work with DG press again.

DeLaRue chose the excellent print quality and versatility of the DG-AUXO to expand their production capacity for security printing in their Malta facility.

DG press web press commissioned in 2018, is still running strong at the right performance and quality of web print. This reliability is of utmost importance to DeLaRue Authentication business. This is not by chance but is the result of teamwork between DeLaRue and DG press, the robustness of the build and excellent/cost-effective service level support. Building on this, the Authentication Division embarked on a strategic project of investing in a second web press from DG press to augment its capability and continue improving service level to existing and future customers.” – Alessio Gatt, Engineering and Transformation Manager at DeLaRue

The new DG-AUXO will provide substantial additional production capacity for security printing applications at DeLaRue, but it will also absorb existing production volume which is currently being run on other presses. The press is currently being manufactured and will be installed and operational in the DeLaRue Malta facility by mid-2023.

The DG-AUXO is the latest generation of high-tech web offset presses which is equipped with sleeve technology. Servo-driven spindles for the plate and blanket cylinder positioning enable very quick job change-overs, thus reducing machine set-up-time. The highest print quality can be guaranteed thanks to the use of high-line screening techniques to produce photo-realistic images.

The DG-AUXO is available in 3 widths: 520 mm, 900 mm, and 1085 mm. Where the smaller DG-AUXO 520 is ideally fit for security printing, the wider DG-AUXO 900 and DG-AUXO 1085 are specifically designed for flexible packaging printing. High print quality, low pre-press costs, a quick time-to-market, and solventless inks make the DG-AUXO an ideal press to cope with smaller run lengths and higher sustainability demands in the flexible packaging market.

The DG-AUXO is the successor of the Thallo. DG press has made a new design to improve the performance and functionality. The main differences are the available web sizes and mandrel diameters. Overall, the DG-AUXO offers significant improvements over the Thallo, providing better performance and increased reliability.


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