DG press Senior Engineer for R&D+i, invited to speak at the TAGA conference

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As part of the annual conference presentations, DG press has been invited to submit a technical paper to the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA). The annual TAGA conferences have been the most influential collection of scientific papers in the industry, referred to by industry leaders, innovators, researchers, scientists, and end users.

The technical paper was approved by the organisation and we are excited to announce that Mr. Adelbert Schoonman, our Senior Engineer for R&D+i, will be presenting his Technical Paper during the conference in Oklahoma City USA on Tuesday 14th of March 2023!

Adelbert Schoonman

 Adelbert holds a degree in mechanical engineering and started his professional career in 1994 at Drent Graphic Machines with the development of the Vision. From 1998, Adelbert was the lead mechanical engineer in the development of the VSOP web offset press series. Later on, he held the role of project manager R&D and Application development.

After joining the flexo press manufacturer Comexi in 2010, where he contributed to their development of a web-offset press with central impression cylinder technology for packaging, he re-joined his former colleagues at DG press in 2021, where he is involved in R&D and application development for the DG-AUXO web-offset press series.

His technical paper, Advancements in Web Offset Printing for Flexible Packaging and Labels, is of particular importance as it will deliver the latest insights by addressing topics such as deinking and LED-UV curing.

Here’s a preview of what to expect

  • The starting point >
  • Printing flexible packaging and labels with a combination of web-offset printing utilizing sleeve cylinder technology and energy curable ink technology, like Electron Beam or UV, contributes to the elimination of solvents and VOCs and a reduction in total energy consumption in comparison to flexo and rotogravure, mainly because of the reduced use of fossil fuels for solvents, heating of drying ovens and balancing RTO operations. All together resulting in lower GHG emissions.

Next actions to more sustainable operation and better circularity:

  • Extended Color Gamut > ECG offers reduction of downtime, waste and costs
  • Switch to Mono materials > Grows the use of surface printing = Easy deinking
  • De-inking practice for Energy curable inks > Circularity requires clean recyclates
  • Web-Offset with LED-UV curing for Film printing > The next step in energy reduction

Join us at the conference to learn more! 

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